Unitronics Samba SM43-J Series


Alldrives & Controls are proud to be a committed supplier of Unitronics and a UK supplier. We understand that in many cases our customers need the product as quickly as possible which is why we offer next day delivery on the vast majority of the Unitronics’ product range as standard.

With Unitronics you can expect both HMI and PLC in one box which leads to a saving in the cost as well as providing an increased ease of use. That the two come in one means that you only ever need to buy a single OPLC unit as opposed to two separate units. Offering their client base convenience is at the forefront of Unitronics’ product development and, as both PLC and HMI come in one box there’s only the need for one piece of software rather than two, i.e. assuring automatic interfacing of the HMI with the PLC. All the programming software is FOC and there is no need for expensive software or hardware licences. Other notable advantages of having a single unit are that it takes up less space and requires less wiring. The fact that the (PLC + HMI = OPLC) Unitronics OPLC format has been operating since its inception over 25 years ago is demonstrative of how effective it is.

Alldrives & Controls are a long-standing supplier of Unitronics and together we are able to provide a global support network which offers a consistently high-level of technical and commercial support nearly anywhere in the world. Unitronics’ products have an almost universal application and can be used for printing and packaging machines, washing machines, vending machines, fans, pumps, air-conditioning units, autoclaves (and other medical applications), wind generators, bakery ovens, food and pharmaceuticals, textile industry machines, the brewery industry and many more. If you require more specific information regarding Unitronics’ product application then don’t hesitate to contact us for clarification; we’re on-hand to ensure you’re informed enough to make the correct decision.

Unitronics Samba SM43-J Series

Introducing the Unitronics Samba SM43-J Series which features a combined (HMI-PLC) unit with a 4.3-inch colour touchscreen for ease of use. The product includes ten inputs and eight outputs making it extremely versatile. We’re extremely proud to announce that you can get all of this for as little as £231!

Our friendly and dedicated team of professionals are happy to discuss any enquiry you might have to ensure your complete satisfaction from beginning to end. We’re more than capable of providing sound design support and advice to ensure optimal selection of the components and control system; we’ll determine your exact requirements and prescribe the best product to meet them.

So if you’re looking for ease of use, an extremely effective product which by design enables you to save money then look no further than Unitronics. Contact us today and make their products work for you!

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