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Unitronics Unistream™ UIA-0006

To complement the Unistream™ device family comes another addition to the Unitronics™ Uni-I/O™ range; the UIA-0006 input / output module.

This useful I/O module is compatible with all Unistream™ programmable logic controllers and can be easily installed by being snapped on to the back of a Unistream™ HMI panel or via a standard DIN rail using an expansion adapter.

Providing an affordable way to incorporate additional analog outputs, the UIA-0006 will allow your Unistream™ controller to send further signals to required field devices simply and conveniently.

The UIA-0006 module features

  • 6 analog outputs supporting 13 / 14 bit, 0-10VDC and 0-20mA current.

Further details of the UIA-0006 I/O module can be found in the Unitronics® specification sheet available here.

Unsure if this Uni-I/O™ module is the right analog output module for your application needs? Just contact Unitronics® trusted UK supplier; All Drives and Controls with your questions or to place your order for a quick delivery.


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