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Unitronics Unistream UIS-WCB1

As part of Unitronics valuable Uni-I/O™ wide family, the UIS-WCB1 input / output module has been developed for complete compatibility will all Unistream platforms.

This wider module allows a greater number of I/O connectivity options in a smaller amount of space to really support system expansion and productivity.

By simply snapping the new UIS-WCB1 Uni-I/O™ on the back of any Unistream™ HMI, a robust all-in-one PLC can be created using the UIS-WCB1 increased I/O options of:

  • 10 digital inputs for 24VDC power supply, sink /source (isolated).

4 of these digital inputs will also support 2 high speed counter channels at 10kHz 32-bit.

2 inputs are available for standard analog inputs from 0-10v, 0-20mA, 14-bits and another 2 points can be used as temperature inputs supporting resistance temperature detectors and thermocouple sensors (all analog and temperature inputs are isolated).

Four of the digital inputs can also be configured to function as normal or high speed to receive high speed pulse signals from up to two sensors.

  • 8 relay outputs with 2A maximum per output and an 8A maximum in total (resistive load).

2 of these points are available as transistor outputs (not isolated) for 50mA per output maximum, 250kHz and another 2 used for analog outputs supporting 0-10V, 2-20mA and 13/14 bits (no short circuit detection).

With the ability to meet a large range of application needs, the new Uni-I/O™ UIS-WCB1 can be a great solution for your system.

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