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Unitronics Vision 430 Touch-screen

V430 Product photoAll-in-one PLC + HMI+ I/O – 4.3” Touch-screen

Bring added value to any application that requires a compact, yet powerful, PLC controller with/or without onboard I/Os.

The beautiful, 4.3″ wide with built-in colour touch screen Vision430™, has five function keys housed in a flat fascia with an IP66/IP65/NEMA4X rating—a perfect for the food and pharmaceutical industries.

The Vision430™ range comprises of 1 HMI touch screen only and 9 with unique and practical onboard I/O configurations, digital, high-speed, and analogue I/Os, PT100/Thermocouple and load cell weight measurement. Expansion modules enable local and remote I/O at distances of up to 1000 meters, making the Vision430™ a low cost-but effective solution, for applications up to 512 I/O points.

Standard features include 24 auto-tuned PID loops to control temperature, level, pressure, and speed. Time-based and immediate interrupt support make Vision430™ a natural for ‘rapid response’ applications such as packaging machines.

Recipe capabilities are supported by Data Tables, store the parameters required to control a specific process, data logs and trends to a high capacity micro-SD card. The micro-SD card can also store application back-ups, and complete PLC cloning.

Communicate by Ethernet, cellular, industrial protocols such as MODBUS, DF1 slave, BACnet, J1939, CANopen and more. In addition, the ‘Protocol’ utility allows Vision430™ to communicate via almost any ASCII protocol.

Program via a mini-USB programming port, and remotely using GPRS/GSM/CDMA and other IP networks, for data acquisition and/or program download. Notify supervisors of critical information via e-mail and SMS, enabling real-time remote management.

HMI communication directly with the application via the resistive analogue touch screen—or remotely, via the free Remote Operator utility—which can displays data, colour trend graphs, and attention-grabbing alarm screens, with more than 1024 user-designed screens supported by 12 MB of memory for images and 1MB for fonts.

OEMs, machine and control panel builders will profit from the intuitive, all-in-one VisiLogic software which enables rapid hardware configuration, PLC, and HMI application programming, as the VisiLogic includes a full library of Drag & Drop function blocks for complex automation control tasks, such as PID, and a rich, FREE colour library of industrial images.

Produced by Unitronics, a global developer and manufacturer of PLC + HMI controllers, and represented in the United Kingdom by the authorised distributor AllDrives & Controls, the Vision430™ is backed by Unitronics standard policy of customer care, including FREE software and utilities, plus FREE personalized technical support. This combines with reduced overall system costs—minimized hardware requirements, saved cabinet space, and reduced Panel-PLC –I/O wiring—to bring an excellent price-performance ratio.