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Unitronics Vision 570-J

The Unitronics Vision570-J™; not just a pretty face 


There’s one thing we can be sure about when it comes to leading automation specialists, Unitronics® – they know a good thing when they have it.

That’s why their latest improvement to the Vision570™ involves a subtle change to its appearance, from standard grey to a sleeker, stylish black framed flat display panel.

Keeping its useful colour touchscreen and articles, the change comes from the successful response to other models in the Vision range1 that now sport this modern and appealing design.

With the Vision570-J™ now back in the limelight, All Drives and Controls2 take a brief look back into what makes this particular model worth some serious consideration when it comes to simplifying automation control processes.

The Vision570-J™ compact size, maximum efficiency

Boasting Unitronics® renowned innovation of a combined HMI + PLC (with onboard I/Os) the Vision570-J™ provides its users with immediate benefits through a central point for control.

Its all-in-one solution removes the cost and time involved with wiring separate systems and adding communication set-ups and instead, replaces it with an easier central processing system and a handy feature that allows on-board I/Os3 to be added by simply snapping them on to the back of the PLC.

Jam-packed full of useful features4 it’s surprising that it all manages to fit in to this amazingly compact product, with a screen size of 5.7 inches and a depth of 2.7 inches.

However, it’s the compact size of the Vision570-J™ that continues to win positive attention, enabling the controller to be situated in the smallest of enclosures. This provides a welcome solution to industries requiring the controller to be fixed to smaller products, such as printers, or situated in areas with limited cabinet space.

Even with its modest size, the bright touchscreen for the V570-J is still large enough to access without difficulty. With a useful choice of a numerical or keyboard display, it also provides easy options for inputting commands.

With the option for a fitted optional Ethernet port, another useful feature can be added to allow the display screen and values to be viewed on a computer anywhere that has an internet connection; so just because the Vision570-J™ is placed in a tight-spot doesn’t mean you have to be also.

With internet capabilities, you can still access the controller display from the comfort of your office chair.

This of course is useful for applications requiring building automation where commands for door access, lighting, HVAC, and security systems can be all be accessed from a single control point.

Additional Value from All Drives and Controls

A full list of the most useful features from the Vision570-J™ can be found here4. An added benefit to the controller comes in the form of Unitronics® free software that enables Ladder Control, HMI application and hardware configurations to be programmed from a single point using a straightforward click and drop environment.

To aid your decision to purchase of the Vision570-J™, All Drives and Controls offer comprehensive sales support5 and after care with specialist advice on installation and software training6 for hassle-free configuration of your new OPLC.

As committed partners and suppliers of Unitronics® products, All Drives and Controls are able to supply you this compact, yet performance driven PLC + HMI complete with advanced features, software and sales support at an amazingly budget friendly price.

To benefit from this cost-efficient and space saving controller just visit our contact page7 to place an order or ask a question from our experienced and helpful staff on 01543 271899.

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