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Video Webinars

We have a selection of videos from Unitronics and Nanotec which can help you learn about new features and functions of the devices.

UniLogic for UniStream by Unitronics

PLC Training Series for Unitronics All-in-One PLC + HMI controllers. Unitronics controllers result from of over 20 years of PLC development experience combined with the strongest trends in automation. Our newest PLC + HMI, UniStream™, joins the Unitronics Vision™, M91™, and … Continue reading

Unitronics Jazz 2 Ethernet Training Video

Download U90 file Unitronics jazz2 ethernet tutorial Hello, my name is Alex Martin. I’m an applications engineer at Unitronics. This video will introduce the Jazz 2 Ethernet module, the MJ20-ET1, its uses, as well as setup and configuration using the U90 … Continue reading

Lights and Buttons HMI and Ladder in VisiLogic

Buttons and Lights – Learn how to work with the HMI and Ladder in VisiLogic. We will use contacts and coils as inputs and outputs for out ladder. We will link the ladder to HMI elements and see how to … Continue reading

Data Tables Part 2 Programming – Moderate

We will learn how to use DataXport to pull the data table from the PLC and save it to the PC as an excel file. We will learn how to set up a time based automatic download, and an even based … Continue reading

Data Tables Part 1 Programming – Moderate

Part 1 – We will explore how to set up a data table in VisiLogic and use it to log data. We will show how to create a data table, and how to link each column to a register type. … Continue reading

Troubleshooting Tips Programming – Basic

This webinar covers the basics of implementing troubleshooting tips with Unitronics controllers. • Use search to find HMI buttons • Show program sequence in help • Solved by paralleling three nets in to one with a single coil • Show … Continue reading

PTO Programming – Advanced

This webinar will cover new options for motion control – Pulse Train Output (PTO) You can implement motor control by controlling the high-speed outputs of certain Vision controllers using PTO functions, controlling up to three independent axis. In this way … Continue reading

WebServer Programming – Advanced

This webinar covers the basics of implementing a Web Server with Unitronics controllers. • Overview • Requirements • Demo Projects Downloads Vlp:webserver Questions /Answers Q: Can the Simple Web server display Trends or bar graphs? A: NO, the simple web … Continue reading

CANBus + UniCan Communication

This webinar covers the basics of implementing CANbus + UniCAN with Unitronics controllers. · CANbus networking · PLC to PLC communication · PLC to EX-RC1 communication (Remote Expansion I/O) · Bridging RS-232 and CANbus networks Downloads Vlp: can   Questions /Answers … Continue reading

Analog Programming – Moderate

This webinar covers the basics of implementing analog I/O with Unitronics controllers. · Types of Transducers · Linearization · Trends · Meters Download Vlp: analog     Questions /Answers Q: Same programming format between M90 software and Visilogic when setting up … Continue reading

Modbus Communication

This webinar will cover the basics of implementing Modbus RTU with Unitronics controllers. Split into three convenient videos, with example programs included, as well as Q&A session. Downloads Vlp MODBUS slave: modbus-slave Downloads Vlp MODBUS master: modbus-master   Questions /Answers Q: what is … Continue reading

SD Card Programming – Moderate

SD Card – Learn the basics Downloads Vlp: sd-card Questions /Answers Q: are there any concerns with repetitive writing to an SD, like with the old EEPROM technologies? A: there is a limit to the amount of times a specific bit can be … Continue reading

Timers, HMI Jumps & More Programming – Basic

This webinar explains: – types and use fo Timers in Vision controllers – How to ad HMI displays in te project and jump between them The wabinar takes a little more than one hour and is divided to 5 parts … Continue reading

Ethernet Communication

Ethernet – Learn the basics of setting up an Ethernet connection to communicate to and program the controller. Learn about the setup and configuration of the card, and the sockets. Learn how to use the remote management tool “Remote Operator” … Continue reading


  • Dynamic Memory
  • USB host
  • VNC
  • Large scale I/O expandability
  • Unilogic Studio
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    Unitronics Vision Enhanced

  • User designed screens
  • Built in Alarm screens
  • Text String Library
  • Auto Tune PID upto 24 Independent loops
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    Unitronics Vision

  • User designed screens
  • Auto Tune PID upto 12 Independent loops
  • Recipe Programs
  • Data & Time base control
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  • Stepper-Servo Drives and Motors
  • High Torque
  • High Efficiency
  • Latest Brushless Technology
  • Global Support
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