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WEG UK – power range of 40 W to 1100 W motors

Weg Antriebe

WEG  Antriebe are a key market player in the power range of 40 W to 1100 W motors and we are proud to offer the full range for the UK. WEG is ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2009 certified. The success is founded on quality, environmental awareness and safety. WEG develop and manufacture our own motors, gear units and electronic components in Germany.

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Drive Engineering – Made in Germany. As WEG Antriebe UK Suppliers we handle so many stages of the production chain, WEG are able to satisfy special requirements even at short notice. This saves you time, gives you peace of mind and enhances your productivity.

Württembergische Elektromotoren GmbH was founded in 1939 and it remains a family-run company to this day.

The company was originally founded for the volume production of starter motors for sewing machines. This meant that WEG was closely involved in the transition from group drives to transmission belts and then single drives in what was a flourishing industry. This customised drive optimisation process gradually led WEG to specialise in drives in the 40 W to 1100 W power range. The company’s product range is finely scaled and has particularly high energy efficiency standards. The finer the increments between different products in a range, the more precisely the electrical power and thus energy consumption can be tailored to requirements.

The motor is the core of any WEG Antriebe drive solution. The different gear units and application-optimised motor results in drive solutions offering state-of-the-art functionality, service life and energy efficiency. Once our drives have been installed, we are proud to say that we usually never see them again.

Our core markets include industrial automation, plant and machine construction, medical technology, logistics, and several high-tech industries.

WEG Geared Motor

Electronic Controller for DC Motors with Brushes

WEG flat gear unit with hollow shaft type FB 30 – data sheet

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