What to look for in a Distributor for WEG Antriebe Motors (Germany)

Certain high-tech industries call for precision and high-quality materials and products to ensure their production line is running effectively and efficiently. WEG Antriebe is a key player in producing 40 W to 1100 W motors for many high-tech industries, such as:

  • Plant/machine construction
  • Medical technology
  • Logistics
  • Industrial automation

WEG is a trusted name, a company that had humble beginnings. Originally founded for their production of starter motors for sewing machines, WEG slowly evolved into group drives and transmission belts until they specialised in drives with a 40 W to 1100 W power range.

However, due to the high-tech industries that rely on these motors, they need to ensure that they’re purchasing any replacement or first-time motors from a trusted distributor. How can you find a trusted distributor, though?

Look For a Company that Specialises in Your Field

Technical equipment should be greatly thought over before making a purchase. This is because, unlike buying a computer, technical equipment such as WEG Antriebe motors is the core of many drive solutions. For instance, by installing the incorrect drive in your car assembly line or robotics, this can cause havoc to your operating equipment and reduce productivity and efficiencies in the workplace.

If you do not have the knowledge yourself, then speaking to a company beforehand could save you a costly expense if anything were to go wrong. Plus, by working with companies like Alldrives & Controls, you’ll be networking with other companies until a solution is found; Alldrives & Controls welcome all challenges and have no qualms when reviewing your needs and requirements.

Working with professionals who have specialised in this field can help you find the right solution that is also cost-effective and right for your budget. Doing so can diminish any stress you may be feeling with regards to meeting a certain quota and not going over-budget.

Variety of Products & Authenticity

Look for a distributor who has a range of products so that you can see all that they have to offer. Although WEG produces motors between 40 W to 1100 W, there is only one UK distributor that deals with WEG Antriebe Germany and that is Alldrives & Controls.

What’s more, by purchasing products from a trusted distributor, the product you receive will be nothing less than authentic.

Ease of Contact

Alldrives & Controls allow you to network with companies within the drive and motion industry, so no matter what issue you’re having and what solution is needed, ( be it WEG Antriebe motors or linear actuators, etc) there is an unlimited pool of knowledge for you and your company to take advantage of. No challenge is too big or small, so if you need help with WEG Antriebe, Engel, Dayton or Nanotec, you can contact us over the phone or send us an email.