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Can High Efficiency direct drive motors replace Conventional Transmissions?

The focus is on saving energy, but how to save energy, over the life of the product, is not easily identified.

Electric motor gearbox transmissions are prevalent in the manufacturing industry; this type of transmission has losses in the motor, gearbox and regular maintenance costs, resulting in a high cost of ownership and energy efficiency.

With the adoption of the motor efficiency regulations in the UK and the USA, carbon credits and ever increasing cost of energy, manufactures are under pressure to improve the overall energy usage.

For new systems, higher efficiency motors have to be specified, but what is to be done about the current installed base of motors and drive systems?

Each application is different, adding a variable speed drive is the starting point and depending on the age of the installation, total replacement should be a consideration.

If a replacement is decided upon, most would look at a like for like replacement, but is this the best option for all electric motor/gearbox transmission systems?  Alldrives & Controls, a specialist drives and controls supplier, thinks not.

Direct drive, new technology for Power transmission systems.

Starting from basic principles, Magnetic identified a number of key problems associated with motor gearbox systems, efficiency, system size, overload capacity, sealing protection, maintenance, electrical and Mechanical reliability.

Now fully developed, the new high efficiency IP54 HTQ drive technology, available in a range of powers and drive torques, simplify transmission systems, increase reliability, increase efficiency and avoid gearbox issues. Based on permanent magnets synchronous motor technology, the HTQ motor has high drive torque, is able to operate in the stall condition with a high overload capacity so stopping shaft breakages under fault conditions or gear box stripping.

Covering a wide range of applications requiring high starting/run torques at low speeds, peristaltic pumps, rolling mills, Injection moulding, lifts, etc. the HTQ has stall torques (Tn0) from 52Nm, with 200Nm (Tp) Peak run torque in a 750 watts frame, to 1750Nm (Tn0) & 3300Nm (Tp) in a 50Kw frame with specials available over 15,000Nm, to replace motor gearbox systems.

Electrical Reliability

The HTQ series use multi-pole rare earth neodymium iron boron magnets fitted into the rotor in a propriety method and completely enclosed in an epoxy protection coating. The mechanical and magnetic circuits are defined, controlled, and stable under all operating conditions.

The series use propriety insulated winding wire with class H, high frequency permittivity/dielectric isolation characteristics to maximise the Inverter/Motor conversion efficiency.

High frequency current/voltage pulses used in modern Inverters create high dv/dt voltages, high amplitude, frequency and   harmonics in the stator windings, and in normal enamels these conditions can electrically breakdown the enamel coating, leading to premature electrical failure. The motors have high resistance to transient spikes, high frequencies, short rise time pulses and are electrically reliable in real world applications.

Light weight aluminium construction, hollow and shaft versions are available. If you need further technical information to find a suitable HTQ motor for your application contact:

Alldrives & Controls the UK representative for Magnetics please get in contact.