NEW: High-performance DC servo motor with integrated motor controller

The development department at leading manufacturer Nanotec® have once again brought a solution for issues faced in mechanical engineering and service robotics with the newest and largest member of the Plug & Drive™ family1.

The new PDC-6 is a brushless DC servo motor with an integrated controller ideally suited to applications that require the very high power density that it provides, along with high efficiency; all without compromising on its compact size.

Designed for 12 – 48 voltage supplies there are two versions of the PDC-6 available to best suit your application.

  • High-pole stepper motor – with a maximum nominal torque of 8.8Nm, in a choice of lengths
  • Lo-pole BLDC motor – with a nominal output of 534W, available with 80mm or 86mm flange.

The flexibility of the servo motor is further increased by its minimal cabling as the motor controller and encoder (with its highly accurate 4096 increments) are integrated within the motor.

As with all Plug & Drive™ motors the PDC-6 uses field-oriented control via an encoder and can be operated in torque, speed or positioning mode. The reference values for the PDC-6 can also be set by clock direction, two analog inputs or the CANopen field bus.

You can also choose the controller programming that best suits you. The motor is able to carry out complex control tasks without a field bus connection in stand-alone mode. Alternatively, time-critical applications can be quickly and easily programmed directly onto the motor using NanoJ V2 programming language. Of course, for parameterisation you can always include an optional USB port.

The options available within this extremely high performing and precise servo motor and integrated controller make the PDC-6 a tailor-made solution.

To discover if this new Nanotec® high-performing DC servo motor is the right choice for your application, simply ask our expert staff at All Drives and Controls by visiting our contact page2 or calling 01827 52189.

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