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WEG motors and their uses

Many of the UK’s processing machines are driven by WEG motors, favoured for their state-of-the-art functionality, extended service life and high levels of energy efficiency. At AllDrives and Controls Ltd, we’re proud to have had a close association with WEG … Continue reading

AllDrive and Controls – your local WEG UK supplier

As leaders in the provision of automated drive and control solutions, we only use the best products, sourced from the world’s leading manufacturers. Our bespoke suppliers are carefully selected to ensure that our customers benefit from the highest quality, most … Continue reading

Supporting the first ever UK team to take part in Wind Powered Vehicle race

At AllDrives and Controls, we are hugely focused on minimising our carbon footprint and impact on the environment. Meeting that ‘green challenge’ means using only the highest efficiency motors and systems – for example, we are UK suppliers of WEG … Continue reading

Your Nanotec Stepper Motor Full Service Supplier

  It’s not often people come across a supplier that goes above and beyond to deliver value added services that support customer needs from start to finish. In fact, when it comes to automation controls and drive suppliers, it seems … Continue reading

Reduce Cost and Wear with NEW Nanotec Plastic Planetary Gears

With the advancements in resins, polymers and manufacturing capabilities, plastic gear production is taking the automation industry by storm. Innovative drive solution company, Nanotec Electronic GmbH & Co. KG, has recently introduced a new effective means of reducing cost, weight, noise … Continue reading

Is High Efficiency green energy a reality for small wind turbines?

With the world focus on renewable energy sources, going green is a political statement that can gain a company some kudos, but are they really “green” in the renewable sense of the word? Wind Turbine Technology For the wind industry, … Continue reading

Nanotec® Stepper Motors – Powering the Cogs of Your Imagination

Are motors boring? Well we don’t think so, obviously.  But if when you think of motors all you visualise are washing machines, production lines or the circuit boards that you built at school then think again. Mechatronics has advanced amazingly … Continue reading

From 3D Printing to Packaging

Nanotec Stepper Motors are Making it Happen Precision, efficiency and reliability. Our expectations for technology and its capabilities continue to rise with every new development. Just take the technological advances with robotics. Industrial packaging machines sort, wrap, seal and box … Continue reading

Motors for deep sea application

Motor Selection for Deep Sea Applications by Richard Halstead President Empire Magnetics, Inc. Like few other hostile environments for industrial components, the deep sea is a forbidding place in which to launch a motion control application. Very cold temperatures, the … Continue reading