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Case Studies

Please find below some case studies on how AllDrives and Controls have helped their clients.

Automating Hydropower Technology with the Perfect Tool

Once again Unitronics® has provided the ideal automation control solution to meet the complex requirements of the Hydropower industry. In the following case study, you will see how Unitronics® Vision1040 HMI + PLC provides easy-to-use technology and impressive customised control … Continue reading

Improving Extrusion Equipment Control with UniStream™

Identifying the right automation control for plastic extrusion machinery isn’t just about optimising production, but achieving additional benefits, such as cost reductions, minimised downtimes and improved reliability for extrusion equipment with high output capabilities. That’s why a manufacturer of plastic … Continue reading

Case Study: Improving Boiler Safety Management with the Unitronics® Vision1040

Unitronics Vision 1040 PLC+HMI

When it comes to the operation of industrial energy plants and package boilers, safety is paramount. The safe management of industrial boiler plants that provide energy and heating, doesn’t just rest on the shoulders of the operators, but the suppliers … Continue reading

Case Study Unitronics Vision 1040 PLC+HMI

Unitronics Vision 1040 PLC+HMI

Micro Tek Processes Ltd resolved their applicational problem by using a Unitronic’s V1040 PLC+HMI unit supplied and supported by Alldrives & Controls Limited. MicroTek Processes Ltd a manufacturer of specialist UV treatment systems has upgraded their PLC requirements from the … Continue reading

Case Study: Unitronics® Devices Meet the Challenge of Industry 4.0

The next stage of the industrial revolution is taking place. The Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT) is driving forward Industry 4.0 as never before, with increasing networks of smart devices, computers and sensors enabling a greater efficiency and data collection … Continue reading

Case Study: Unitronics® Samba™ Boosts Printing Productivity

Running a complex automated production efficiently is challenging enough without the issues that arise from unplanned downtime and lengthy restarts. Maximising efficiency is often one of the highest priorities for many production plants, and any improvements to streamline complex processes … Continue reading

Case Study: Unitronics® Vision Controllers Boost Brewery Productivity

When owner and founder, Joshua Henry implemented his plans to create the first community-supported microbrewery in his area of Dover, New Hampshire, it was without doubt an impressive idea for all involved. The 7th Settlement Brew Pub would access local … Continue reading

Case Study: Unitronics Vision™ Series Modernises Aging Automation Controls

unitronics offer

It may have been 40 years old, but the customer was still happy with their automation equipment used for the processing and extrusion of monofilament plastic yarn. The problem however, lay with the 40-year-old automation controls that no longer provided … Continue reading