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Engel Servo Controllers

Controllers for three phase synchronous motors:

3 Phase Motor ControllerThe compact ARS series controllers from Engel offer advanced highly dynamic controller technology and flexibility in a broad output range.

The low-budget DSV series excels through its simple handling CAN open interface, and the possibility for optional sensor-less control using the bespoke “INFORM” system.

Controllers for DC- motors:

ENGEL offers a selection of different servo control amplifiers for operation with all the Engel DC motor series. Nearly all application areas are covered, simple regulating tasks, which can be handled by a single-quadrant controller such as DR2.0, as well as high-quality dynamic four-quadrant operation implemented with the compact DSV11x or DSV130.

The complete range of Engel Controllers is available from Alldrives & Controls.

Engel three-phase synchronous controller specifications in printable Pdf format.

DSV 11X: dsv_11x               DSV 13X:dsv_13x                  DSV 324:dsv_324

DSV 562E:dsv_562e            ARS 310:ars_310                  ARS 560:ars_560

DC Controller specifications in printable format:

DR2.0:dr_2                         DR2:dr_1                                DSV 11X:dsv_11x

DSV 13 X:dsv_13x