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WEG Geared Motors

WEG Antriebe (Germany):

Excellence in small AC/DC motors geared motors

WEG Antriebe are based in South-West Germany and manufacture a vast range of motors and drives between 40 and 1000 watts.

WEG Gear Motors

Product Overview:

  • 3 phase motors in 2-pole, 4-pole and 8-pole variations.
  • 1 phase AC motors: Ideal where no 3-phase supply is available.
  • DC Motors: With electronic or mechanical commutation.
  • EC & Compact EC motors: Electronically-commutated motors. For both AC and DC power supplies. Offer high efficiency and high start torque.
  • Brushed DC motors: The economical solution for use with simple speed control.
  • Geared motor: AC or DC offering a vast range of gear ratios and configurations, e.g. worm, spur, double, flat and hollow-shaft.
  • Electronics: Special electronic control units are available for EC, shunt-wound DC and permanent magnet DC motors.

Washdown Motors:

WEG Antriebe are pioneers in the production of small, energy-efficient, washdown motors. Their SD and VD series are 3 phase, asynchronous machines delivering 25% more efficiency than customary 3 phase asynchronous motors of the same size. They were among the first fractional horse-power units to comply with the Premium-Efficiency IE3 standard. They exhibit an ultra smooth housing surface without cooling fins.

They are available in the SD range (without fan) and the VD range (with fan) The smooth motor body minimises the accumulation of dirt and bacteria and the protection class makes it easy to wash them down without affecting the motor performance. They are also an ideal solution in aggressive ambient conditions where cleaning is done via water and detergents. This applies to all “Clean Industries” : food/beverages, Pharmaceuticals, bio-chemicals, cosmetics, photo-voltaic (e.g. solar panel manufacture), electronics, medical, plus many others.

All WEG Gear motors are made and tested to VDE 0530 Part 1 standard. Motor insulation is carried out to class F standard, even though they are deployed as per class B only.

Ingress Protection:SD range is IP65, VD range is IP54.

Terminal Boxes: The terminal boxes can be adjusted by 90 degrees and are fitted for cable entries with metric thread according to EN 50262.

New to WEG!

FB 30 Flat Gear Unit with hollow shaft up to 30Nm. Reduces the installation depth by half.
Ideal for conveyor systems and process machinery: In such applications, single motor drives are customary and space is at a premium.

This also affects profitability. Exactly for this type of space-restricted application, Weg have developed a new flat gear unit with a hollow shaft for direct, force-fit drives. The FB 30’s installation depth is almost 50% less than that of a standard spur gear unit. Because it makes optimum use of offset axes, the FB 30 flat gear unit only needs an installation depth of 73mm (without the motor) The maximum torque can be as high as 30 Nm, depending on the drive combination.

This newly launched gear unit boasts a finely-stepped reduction range of between 7.3:1 and 72.7:1, and an efficiency of 92% (or 0.92) It is equally suitable for 3 phase, AC, EC and DC motors. Hence, making it suitable for a wide range of applications in almost all types of industry.