AllDrive and Controls – your local WEG UK supplier

As leaders in the provision of automated drive and control solutions, we only use the best products, sourced from the world’s leading manufacturers.

Our bespoke suppliers are carefully selected to ensure that our customers benefit from the highest quality, most efficient and most reliable products and systems.

One of those is the WEG motor. We have an excellent partnership with Germany-based WEG, as UK and Ireland suppliers and distributors of WEG low energy consumption motors.

This partnership began back when AllDrives and Controls first started in 2009 and continues to thrive today. As local suppliers of WEG motors, we can provide our customers with the best motors, tailored to their specific requirements.

During the last nine years we have sourced and supplied WEG motors for a diverse range of industries. Our core markets include industrial automation, plant and machine construction, medical technology, logistics and high-tech industries, but there’s really no limit to their use.

Other applications include in industries such as oil & gas, water, electric vehicles, power supply, steel, mining, harvesting and many more.

WEG low voltage motors

Many of the UK’s processing machines are driven by WEG motors, mainly because they have a long-standing reputation in the industry. WEG started as a small factory of electric motors and has now become a leading global supplier of electronic products across a variety of sectors.

Over the years the company has continuously evolved and is known for its commitment to green products and technology, combined with a passion for efficiency, flexibility and innovation. All motors are made to the highest energy efficiency standards to ensure they perform well, while using resources responsibly. Even after five decades of growth and diversification, electric motors remain one of WEG’s main products.

Why we choose WEG motors

WEG are a key market player in the power range of 40w to 1100w motors and develop and manufacture their own motors, gear units and components in Germany. Because the company handles so many stages of the production chain, WEG can fulfil requests, even at short notice, for minimum downtime and production losses.

The motor is the core part of any drive solution and once our drives are installed, we’re pleased to say we generally never see them again, and this is down to careful selection of the best products and providers through effective partnerships.

WEG motors can be used in a variety of installations, which you can read more about in our related article on WEG motors and their uses.

For more information on AllDrives and Controls as your UK-based supplier of WEG motors, get in touch now.