WEG motors and their uses

Many of the UK’s processing machines are driven by WEG motors, favoured for their state-of-the-art functionality, extended service life and high levels of energy efficiency.

At AllDrives and Controls Ltd, we’re proud to have had a close association with WEG as the UK based supplier of WEG low voltage motors since we first started out nine years ago.

WEG is a key market player in the full power range of 40w to 1100w motors, which can be applied to a whole spectrum of industries and uses, as part of a bespoke solution.

The bottom line is ensuring your motor offers full efficiency and reliability, often in the face of challenging environments.

A bit more on WEG electric motors

For newcomers to the industry, the electric motor is a machine capable of converting electrical energy into mechanical energy.

Generally, electric motors are either direct current motors, or alternating current motors. DC motors are typically more expensive as they require a direct current source or a converter, but are capable of operating with adjustable speeds over a wide range and are therefore a good choice when accurate and flexible speed control is required.

AC motors are generally more common because electrical power is usually supplied as an alternating current.

The most widely used type of AC motor is the induction motor which combines all the advantages of electrical energy – such as low cost, ease of supply and distribution, clean handling and simple controls – with simple construction, versatility and adaptability. It is robust, practical and suitable for almost all machines.

What are WEG motors used for?

At AllDrives and Controls Ltd, we source and supply WEG motors for a wide variety of industries; our core markets include industrial automation, plant and machine construction, medical technology, logistics and high-tech industries, but there’s really no limit to their use.

Some of the main applications of WEG motors include fractional horse power motors, printing, food industries, packaging, conveyors, handling applications and medical.

Whatever your industry, our goal is to find a technically-sound, cost-effective solution that meets your requirements, whether you need a single motor or a full drive/control system. Please get in touch with AllDrives and Controls LTD if you would like more information.