KB Electronics New Inverters Program

 Here at All Drives and Controls we work hard to select only the best manufacturers to completely meet the needs of our customers.  That’s why we are happy to recommend KB Electronics products due to their high quality, customisable AC and DC motor drives that are produced according to customer specifications.

Designing and building motor drives since 1937, American based KB Electronics know a thing or two about developing specialised inverters; this experience has now led them to develop a new Hybrid AC Drive range and DC / DC motor speed control that incorporate new features to cater for a wider range of application requirements.

The New KBAC Series AC Inverter Range

Boasting the same practical features as other KBAC series, the new KBAC 217 models are designed to operate from a 230 Vac line and up to 5HP; and the new KBAC-416 range will operate from a 260 Vac line up to 5HP from an AC line input.

Additional features of the new digital hybrid AC drives with analogue interface include a selectable jumper to switch frequency from 8kHz to 12kHz and GFCI (RCD); this provides the user with helpful options to suit a range of applications that require operation at constant torque or variable torque.

The KBAC S-models (suffix) contain an installed On / Off AC line switch that is equipped with a mechanical interlock to prevent the drive cover from being opened. The switch also boasts a safety lockout feature that can be used along with a padlock for complete safety against the drive being switched on while equipment is serviced.

To finalise this impressive hybrid AC drive is KB Electronics rugged die-cast hinged cover, the NEMA 4x / IP65. The watertight design is ideal for applications within sensitive environments as it can withstand harsh cleaning, wash downs and outdoor use.

The NEMA 4X enclosure provides further safety and prevention from electrical shock by preventing accidental contact with components inside and liquid tight electrical fittings for complete peace of mind.

Other options for the KBAC range include:

  • Forward-Stop-Reverse Switch
  • Signal Isolator with Auto/Manual Switch
  • Run-Stop-Jog Switch
  • Class “A” RFI/EMI CE Approved Line Filter

The Recently Released KBBW Open Frame

Always looking for new ways of working, KB Electronics has developed a battery powered DC / DC low voltage motor speed control model – otherwise known as the KBBW Series.

This low voltage speed control motor provides excellent dynamic response to load variations, making it ideal for applications such as solar pumps, portable pumps, carts, hoists, electric boats, chemical feeders and light duty conveyors.

The incorporated pulse-width-modulated (PWM) DC / DC motor speed controls produce an almost pure DC current, contributing to a longer brush life and considerably low noise production, with the pulse-by-pulse current providing short circuit protection and control damage prevention. Along with the Plug-In Horsepower Resister® (sold separately) the need for recalibration of the IR compensation and current limit settings is eliminated.

Additional well thought-out features of the KBBW 12 and 24 Volt DC Motors include:

  • Quick-connect terminals for connections
  • Adjustable trimpots for application tailoring
  • Undervoltage protection that shuts down the drive when the voltage falls below specifications to prevent damage to the motor.
  • An inhibit circuit that can be used to stop and start the drive electronically
  • A5-kΩ potentiometer, 0-to 5-Vdc analogue signal or a PWM microprocessor output signal to control motor speed.

Obtaining Your NEW KB Electronics AC / DC Motor Drives

KB Electronics dedication to manufacturing drives that meet a variety of customer needs is clearly evident within the new releases of the KBAC and KBBW series.

To benefit from the reduced energy consumption that these variable speed drives provide and to witness the enhanced safety and extended device life of the KB Electronics product line, contact All Drives and Controls for expert advice and your required order specification.