Synchronous motors for your 24/7 operations

As leading providers of automated drive and control solutions, we only use the best products, sourced from the world’s leading manufacturers.

This means finding the products and suppliers which offer the highest quality, most energy efficient, reliable and cost-effective solutions for our customers.

For these reasons, we have been UK and Ireland suppliers and distributors of WEG low energy consumption motors for the past nine years, which enables us to provide our customers with the best WEG products.

This includes accessing the latest products and technologies developed by the German-based company.

This year, the WEG Group developed a new range of synchronous motors as part of a complete drive solution for demanding industrial uses and round-the-clock operations.

The new four-terminal permanent magnet range of motors have an output of 0.12 to 3kW, with speed feedback as standard, offer superior energy efficiency and can be tailored specially to the needs of individual customers.

High levels of energy efficiency are becoming increasingly crucial to any applications where there is a large demand on electric motors due to high speeds, large loads and the need for operations to be continuous.

The new WEG synchronous motor range can be used as both open loop and closed loop and exceeds efficiency class IE4 in all operating modes. Not only that, but energy efficiency levels of above 90% are recorded across a range of speeds.

Why choose synchronous motors

Synchronous motors are used increasingly in a variety of applications due to their special operating characteristics and the superior value they offer in terms of quality, proven reliability, low maintenance and long life in critical services.

They offer a number of benefits which makes them the preferred drive for a range of applications, including high efficiency, power factor correction, high torques and low starting currents, constant speed under varying loads and low operating and maintenance costs.

The new range exceeds required standards for small drives and benefits from superior speed accuracy and high dynamics due to a high overload capacity and low individual mass moment of inertia.

These special characteristics mean synchronous motors are often the best solution where operations have to be 24/7, such as pumps, compressors, chippers, shredders, fans and condensers. They are also highly adaptable to different and often harsh environments, such as mining, iron and steel, chemicals, energy transmission, cement, sanitation and paper.

Individual solutions for synchronous motors

Another advantage of the WEG synchronous motor range is that it uses a modular system which means it can easily be customised to individual customer requirements, including different add-ons and types of housing.

The synchronous range can be combined directly with the WG20 gear units manufactured by the WEG group, without the need for motor adapters, and using the CFW11 variable speed drives as the control units.

The AllDrives and Controls LTD team of specialist advisors are on hand to help if you would like to find out more about a long-lasting, single-source drive solution.