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It’s not often people come across a supplier that goes above and beyond to deliver value added services that support customer needs from start to finish.

In fact, when it comes to automation controls and drive suppliers, it seems like the majority offer limited assistance; leaving you as the client to spend additional time and costs researching answers, identifying additional support or making purchases that ultimately don’t meet your project requirements.

As a full service supplier, All Drives and Controls’ ethos focuses on creating long term competitiveness with customers, by becoming a partner that delivers services and support before and after your manufacturing or automation ventures… all within an acceptable cost.

One area of expertise that All Drives and Controls prove their commitment to service is with Nanotec Stepper Motors.

As full service suppliers for Nanotec Stepper Motors and distribution partners, All Drives and Controls provide reliable support for the implementation of drive solutions, based on Nanotec high performance stepper motors and innovative controls.

Yet, how do All Drives and Controls demonstrate value added service as full service suppliers for Nanotec stepper motors?

Let’s consider some examples of support that you too can access as valued customers…

Examples of Full Service Supplier Support for Nanotec Stepper Motors

Nanotec Stepper Motor Issue: There is a need to match a stepper motor with an existing machine for product development purposes, however the only thing known about the motor required is the mounting hole pitch – 70mm mounting and 14mm shaft. The matched stepper motor drive card needs to run with PWM from the PLC.

Full Service Supplier Response: The motor required is a NEMA34 with torque range from 3.5Nm to 12Nm. Quotes for each torque version and range data was provided, including necessary parts that are required regardless of motor selection.

A recommendation of the 72V version was offered based on the best version and cost for the drive voltage needed.

Nanotec Stepper Motor Issue: Stepper motor stops rotating around 139Hz with the 24Vdc PSU that’s running. What RPM would be obtained from a 36Vdc?

Full Service Supplier Response: All stepper motors have a start stop limit value, where the stepper motor can start from zero without stalling or stop without losing position; the value ranges from 30 to 150 RPM depending on the motor size and rotor inertia.

Assuming the 139 Hz is from standstill with a 1.8 degree full step resolution, the RPM would equate to 41.

The customer was provided with the speed torque curve for the motor to get around 800-1000 RPM with a usable torque of 1Nm. Advice was provided to build in an acceleration ramp when using the motor from zero speed.

Nanotec Stepper Motor Issue: The datasheet on the Nanotec website doesn’t have a figure for the voltage to be applied when operating in the Serial Bipolar mode. There are some torque curves for the motor family which imply 24V-48V – is this too high?

Full Service Supplier Response: Currents for stepper motor devices are controlled by the driver. In the past, stepper motor voltage is typically 2-3Vdc, which is the minimum phase voltage required.

As stepper motors increase in speed, the generated back-EMF opposes the supply, requiring the supply voltage to be greater than the back-EMF +3V. In a 24V system, the available voltage to drive the current is 21V [Minimum phase voltage minus back-EMF].  Motors are operated with far higher voltages today via modern constant current controlled controllers in order to reach higher torques at higher speeds. Therefore, for serial bipolar, the minimum voltage is 2 x the minimum phase voltage.

Further detailed data for constant voltage operation was also supplied to the customer.

Nanotec Stepper Motor Issue: 1. Are longer versions available for SMC connection cable and encoder connection cables. If not, can they be extended by a metre by soldering new ribbon cable?

  1. Should capacitor wiring be wired as shown in the SMC135 manual between terminals 5 and 6 on connector X5, but to all controllers?
  2. In the SMC135 manual, motor wiring appears to be wired to terminals 1-4 of X3 but doesn’t show the colour coding.
  3. When running cables through 2 energy chains, is a shielded cable necessary and what are the recommendations?

Full Service Supplier Response: 1. Versions longer than 500mm are not available as these normally go to a local junction box, then a controller. However, it is ok to extend SMC connection cables a maximum of 4 metres for the none line driver version.

  1. Capacitor wiring only needs to be fit at the output of the PSU.
  2. Black wire is A to pin 1. Green is A to pin 2. Red is B to pin 3. Blue is B to pin 4.
  3. As the motor wires have switching power, shielding is required for EMC radiation protection for other electronic parts. The motor is not affected by EMC.

Nanotec Stepper Motor Issue: Regarding sourcing a driver for a stepper motor; will the system work without an encoder, and can the step type be set by serial communication port?

Full Service Supplier Response: The system will work without an encoder. Stepper motors are an open loop system and encoders allow closed loop control.

Regarding the step type, operating in the clock direction mode enables the PLC to have full command. Additionally, real time can be used with C++ programming from Windows or Mac based supervisory systems. Nano J software can be downloaded free from Nanotec.

Nanotec Stepper Motor Issue: Is a suppression capacitor needed when running a system from a battery?

Full Service Supplier Response: Following direct communication from Nanotec Technical, the client was advised from All Drives and Controls to fit a capacitor even if using the system with a battery.

When reading through the list of queries and solutions for Nanotec stepper motor support, you may have noticed the extra assistance, advice and in-depth understanding of automation requirements provided by All Drives and Controls.

The sound solutions and advice provided by the engineers of All Drives and Controls are just a small part of the full service supplier support offered for Nanotec stepper motors.

By choosing All Drives and Controls for your Nanotec stepper motor supplies and advice, you can be sure that you are able to finalise a development that is completely ready for serial production, quickly and affordably.

Do you have a question regarding Nanotec stepper motors? As full service suppliers ready to go above and beyond, All Drives and Controls hold the answers.

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