Monthly Archives: November 2013

Lights and Buttons HMI and Ladder in VisiLogic

Buttons and Lights – Learn how to work with the HMI and Ladder in VisiLogic. We will use contacts and coils as inputs and outputs for out ladder. We will link the ladder to HMI elements and see how to affect the Ladder from the HMI. We will also learn about some of the HMI tools and functions. Downloading to the controller will also be covered. This is a great first step for any new user.

Data Tables Part 2 Programming – Moderate

We will learn how to use DataXport to pull the data table from the PLC and save it to the PC as an excel file. We will learn how to set up a time based automatic download, and an even based download over TCP/IP.

Download Vlp datatable

Data Tables Part 1 Programming – Moderate

Part 1 – We will explore how to set up a data table in VisiLogic and use it to log data.
We will show how to create a data table, and how to link each column to a register type.
We will then use the ladder section to create a time/event driven routine to log data.

Download Vlp datatable


PTO Programming – Advanced

This webinar will cover new options for motion control – Pulse Train Output (PTO)

You can implement motor control by controlling the high-speed outputs of certain Vision controllers using PTO functions, controlling up to three independent axis. In this way you can, for example, build speed profiles that are appropriate for stepper motors. Note that the PTO control functions are open-loop, and do not rely on positional feedback.

Download Vlp