Company founded in the height of the recession celebrate 9 years in partnership with Nanotec

All Drives and Controls a company set up in the height of the recession in 2009 celebrate 9 years working as a distributor of Nanotec.

John Krzeminski, Director of AllDrives and Controls said,

“Nanotec Electronic GmbH & Co. are based in Feldkirchen just outside Munich in Germany. The company have developed an extensive range of automation products since its formation in 1991 and they are now one of the world’s major manufacturers and suppliers of stepper motors and controllers. Alldrives and Controls Ltd. have been working closely with them since the founding of ADC in 2009.

Nanotec now have subsidiaries in China and the USA and have just completed the construction of a massive new extension to their facilities in Feldkirchen. Fortunately for ADC, Nanotec’s considerable growth in recent years has coincided with ADC becoming a significant Nanotec agent and distributor for the UK and Ireland.”

Nanotec Electronic GmbH & Co. KG, headquartered in Feldkirchen near Munich/Germany, is among the world’s leading manufacturers of motors and motor controllers for high-quality drive solutions.

Nanotec has been developing and marketing a broad range of products since 1991. They thought that AllDrives & Controls were a suitable distributor for them in the UK and have had a prosperous relationship since.

Alldrives & Controls now represents nine major companies, all specialised suppliers, in the UK, and have strong relationships with numbers other suppliers working with synergy in the Automation, drives and controls field, energy efficient and environmentally challenging areas.

The core markets these motors serve a purpose for are in automation systems, automatic laboratory equipment and medical devices, where they really make a difference to the level of service offered by the companies and people they serve.

AllDrives and Controls celebrate 9 years as UK & Ireland distributors for WEG (Germany) low energy consumption motors

AllDrives and Controls celebrate 9 years as UK & Ireland distributors for WEG (Germany) low energy consumption motors. WEG was founded in 1939 and its original claim to fame was the volume of production of starter motors for sewing machines.

Since then the brand has developed and moved with the times to have the same underlying values that the world does today surrounding energy consumption. One of Weg’s core values are to use resources responsibly and minimise the impact on the environment. All of the motors are made to fit the highest energy efficient standards and energy consumption can be tailored for the motors purpose and the owner’s requirements.

John Krzeminski, director of Alldrives and Controls had this to say on the 9th anniversary of start of ADC’s collaboration with WEG (Germany) fractional HP geared motors.

“Many of the UK’s processing machines are driven by Weg (Germany) fractional horse power, geared motors. Be it wrapping, packaging, chocolate-making or conveyor-belt propulsion, you’ll probably find a Weg (Germany) motor somewhere on site.

Alldrives and Controls Ltd. were fortunate enough to build up a good working relationship with Weg (Germany) from the very inception of ADC in 2009. This close collaboration has stood the test of time, and for several years ADC have been the Weg (Germany) UK & Ireland distributor and agent.”

Alldrives & Controls now represents nine major companies, all specialised suppliers, in the UK, and have strong relationships with numbers other suppliers working with synergy in the Automation, drives and controls field, energy efficient and environmentally challenging areas.

The core markets these motors serve a purpose in are automation, plant and machine constriction, medical tech, logistics and several other high-tech industries. You can check out the full range of products available here:

Compact brushless DC servo motor with integrated controller

For use in harsh environmental conditions, Nanotec developed the PD2-C-IP, a brushless DC servo motor with integrated controller and 42 mm flange size in protection class IP65.

The PD2-C-IP is available as a brushless DC motor, with an operating voltage of 12-48 V and a rated power of 105 W, and as a stepper motor with a nominal torque of up to 0.5 Nm. Due to the field-oriented control based on an integrated encoder, both motors are controlled in the same way and differ only in their working point.

Each motor is available in a USB and in a CANopen version. In the USB version, the motor can be parameterized and programmed for standalone operation. The USB port is covered by a waterproof cap, and the motor operates on the basis of the digital and analog input signals in combination with the stored program. In the CANopen version, the motor can be controlled via the CiA 402 fieldbus profile.

For pin-out the motor is equipped with M8 connectors (except USB).

Due to the minimal installation effort and low space and component requirements, the PD2-C-IP from Nanotec offers an extremely effective and economical drive solution when high precision and maximum benefit are required.

About AllDrives & Controls

Alldrives & Controls now represents nine major companies, all specialised suppliers, in the UK, and have strong relationships with numbers other suppliers working with synergy in the Automation, drives and controls field, energy efficient and environmentally challenging areas.

The core markets these motors serve a purpose for are in automation systems, automatic laboratory equipment and medical devices, where they really make a difference to the level of service offered by the companies and people they serve.

New Advances for Nanotec® Plug & Drive Product Line

Admirers of Nanotec’s smooth running and precise positioning motor controller range will be pleased to learn of the latest product releases from Nanotec® that work to make automation processes easier and more adaptable.

Launched at the recent SPS IPC Drives Exhibition, Nanotec® announced the following new additions to their leading motor drive solutions:

Nanotec® Plug & Drive Software V0.8.2

New software for the fast setup and programming of Nanotec® motor controllers has now been upgraded and released.  Plug & Drive Studio Version V0.8.2 supports a greater range of fieldbuses including the CAN and Ethernet fieldbus.

Using this software, motor controllers can be accessed from a PC and configured using different operating modes including torque, velocity and position for straightforward control and precision tuning.

The original functions of the Nanotec® Plug & Drive software are still available, including the object directory table, the integrated command line and the NanoJ V2 customer-specific programming, however this new version provides more functionalities for flexibility with oscilloscope readings.

The Nanotec® Plug & Drive software provides the user with an automatically generated oscilloscope configuration that generates the relevant curves for target speed, current and following errors.

Additional features in this new and improved version also include the ability to display several oscilloscope graphs with the ability to distribute different curves to different graphs; allowing graphs to hold common scales or individual scales.

This new updated software for Nanotec® motor controllers can easily be accessed at the Nanotec Website Software section.

Nanotec® New Brushless DC Motor

Designed to supplement the DF45 motors, Nanotec’s new brushless DC motor, the DF32 has been introduced as a great solution for quick and easy installation for applications with confined space.

With its flat, compact form, the DF32 brushless motor consists of:

  • a diameter of 32mm
  • operating voltage of 24V
  • rated power of 7.4W
  • peak torque amounts to 0.076Nm
  • rated speed to 2.760rpm

Like the DF45 motors, the new DF32 brushless motor consists of external rotor motors (8-pin) which have permanent magnets on the rotor bell; this generates the same output as internal rotor motors but with a lower torque ripple due to the rotor’s higher moment of inertia.

With its shorter design, low weight and high power density, these cost-effective DF brushless motors are ideal for use in a wide range of applications and are easily programmed with the Nanotec NanoJ software.

To find out if this new compact but powerful Nanotec® brushless DC motor will suit your automation requirements, you can contact All Drives and Controls for support and quick delivery.

Integration Made Easy with Nanotec® Plug & Drive Product Line

To effortlessly support field-oriented control, Nanotec® holds one of the most comprehensive ranges of brushless DC servo motors with integrated controller and encoder to meet the varying needs of your automation equipment.

With eight stepper motors that include holding torques ranging from 0.5Nm up to 8.8Nm and five brushless DC motors with rated power of between 52W and 534W in sizes from NEMA 17, 23/24 and 34 – you can find the ideal mix of motors.

All Nanotec’s Plug & Drive motors come with a variety of features to make integration simple and logical. The brushless DC motors as well as the stepper motors can be ordered in USB or CANopen versions. The USB version allows the motor to be programmed via the USB, while the CANopen version requires the motor to be controlled via the standardised fieldbus profile CiA 402.

All the Nanotec® Plug & Drive motors come with digital and analogue inputs (as well as digital outputs), with the integrated controllers suitable for a wide range of applications and industries.

Require your Nanotec® Plug & Drive motors with integrated controllers urgently? Contact UK suppliers, All Drives and Controls for rapid delivery.

The Perfect Robotics Team with ROS and CANopen

In addition to their already practical and efficient Plug & Drive motors, Nanotec® have enhanced their range by teaming ROS (the Linux-based Robot Operating System) with CANopen for a simple and quick-to-assemble modular system for service robotic applications.

This new combination of ROS and CANopen helps to deliver high performance. For example, when applied to the wheel drives of a semi-autonomous service robot, the motors and sensor connected to CANopen Master EM5 controlled the motor in real time. ROS then calculated the target positions of the wheels with help of kinematics and a map, sending the calculations to the EM5 via Ethernet. The master could then control the path of the wheels in real time for precision manoeuvrability.

This new real time operation, previously not available without modifications for Linux, opens up an array of opportunities for service robotics; and with the EM5 integrated touchscreen, users will find control and access to diagnostic data extremely advantageous.

With innovative new releases regularly available from Nanotec®, All Drives and Controls are available to provide expert advice on the best drive solutions for your applications – for orders or queries visit our contacts page or call on 01827 52189.


Nanotec BLDC Motors

Nanotec® offers even Broader Application Range with New BLDC Motors

BLDC Motors Nanotec

When nothing but a smooth operating motion and long service life will do for your application and device needs, then you will be pleased to discover that Nanotec®, a market leader in drive solutions, has released two new brushless DC motors for an even broader application range.

The two new BLDC motors already include the higher efficiency, power density and heat dissipation features that are characteristic of Nanotec® motors, but now they have been developed to suit mid-range speed applications at surprisingly affordable prices.

DB41 Motor:

The 10-pole DB41 BLDC motor possesses a higher torque and a low nominal speed that makes it especially suitable for mid-range speed applications up to 3000 rpm.

Equipped with bonded magnets and hall sensors that are offset by 120 degrees, the DB41 BLDC motor is able to report back the rotor position for complete control and knowledge of the motor sequence and performance.

The peak output for this NEMA 17 motor ranges from 66W to 339W with its nominal torque from 0.07 to 0.36 Nm.

DB43 Motor:

The DB43 BLDC motor is a high performance model with 6 poles and sintered magnets for greater strength and reliability. Despite being the same length as the DB41 at 42mm, the DB43 BLDC motor is able to provide 30% more power output.

Available with optional extras such as hall sensors, a magnetic encoder and safety brake, this BLDC motor can match a broad range of application requirements.

The DB43 has a peak output of 159 to 414W and a nominal torque of 0.17 to 0.44 Nm with operating voltages ranging from 24V to 48V.

With the release of these new BLDC motors, Nanotec® is now able to offer not one, but three families of same size motors that suit all cost-sensitive applications and can cater for a broad spectrum of requirements.

To purchase your ideal new Nanotec® brushless DC motor, or to learn which BLDC motor is best suited to your application needs, contact your friendly team at All Drives and Controls on 01827 52189 or fill out a quick contact form today.

Plug & Drive Studio; New Software for Easy Motor Control

Plug & Drive™ Servo Motors produced by Nanotec® have long been considered a reliable solution for applications requiring high power density and precision positioning.  As an additional improvement for the Plug & Drive family, Nanotec® has now announced a new programming software: the Plug & Drive Studio.

The Plug & Drive studio is designed to provide the user with a simple way to setup and programme Nanotec’s motor controllers, providing seamless and straightforward control from computer to motor.

This useful new software designed to be installed on a computer provides access to the motor controller through field buses including CANopen, Ethernet and Modbus.

Plug & Drive Studio – Setup and Use 

For trouble free setup, controller configurations can be viewed and written using a table within the object directory. Predefined filters already available, display only currently relevant objects. These objects can also be configured if and when required using an integrated command line.


Nanotec® again has considered the needs of their user by including a useful feature of record and playback within the Plug & Drive Studio software. This allows the entire communication to be recorded and played back later so that lengthy command sequences only need to be entered once at setup; saving you plenty of time and hassle from having to repeat long entries.

Using an integrated oscilloscope, readings from any eight objects with a resolution of up to one millisecond can be simultaneously displayed allowing controller parameters to be tuned. An integrated development environment is also available to support controller programming using the NanoJ V2, complete with source text editor, automatic code, a compiler and debugger.

Another valuable feature provided with the Plug & Drive Studio is how all functions can be used simultaneously. During the running of the programme, the user is able to track controller behaviour with use of the object directory and oscilloscope; this means that any application or customer specific functions can be easily and quickly programmed, delivering maximum efficiency and complete motor control.

For more details on how the Plug & Drive Studio software can simplify your motor controller programming activities, contact the UK’s Nanotec® approved supplier All Drives and Controls on 01827 52189 or complete a quick contact form today.

The Nanotec Slotless BLDC Motor – A New Design for Brushless Motors

If you’re already a convert to the higher efficiency and power density of brushless motors then no doubt you’ll want to hear about the new release from Nanotec®.


The slotless BLDC motor is a new design for brushless motors. It still boasts the extremely long life span and smooth running that a brushless motor offers however the slotless BLDC motor has a completely different internal structure.

Its stator consists of ring-shaped metal plates and a flat bonded winding on the inside. This construction means that there is no iron core and with no iron losses, therefore the slotless BLDC motor efficiency is significantly increased when compared with a conventional BLDC motor.

In addition, this special design providing low inductance and very rapid current rise allows the motor to maintain high speeds without problems, ideal for high-speed applications.

Uniquely, unlike standard slotted motors, this slotless design creates no cogging torque, resulting in unrivalled smooth operation and control at low speeds.

These factors combined make this motor the perfect choice for drills, grinders and tattooing instruments.

The DS16 slotless BLDC motor comes in three sizes:

S          with a power output of 3.7W at max. 27,000 rpm

M        with a power output of 10W at max. 30,000 rpm

L          with a power output of 25W at max. 29,000 rpm

Depending upon your application the low inductance of slotless motors combined with the PWM of the controller can lead to high current ripple generating additional heat. In this instance motor throttles can be used between the motor and the controller.

Our friendly team of experts at All Drives and Controls will happily advise you on this and direct you toward the perfect DS16 slotless BLDC motor for you.

Call us on: 01827 52189 for further information or visit our contact page today.


NEW: High-performance DC servo motor with integrated motor controller

The development department at leading manufacturer Nanotec® have once again brought a solution for issues faced in mechanical engineering and service robotics with the newest and largest member of the Plug & Drive™ family1.

The new PDC-6 is a brushless DC servo motor with an integrated controller ideally suited to applications that require the very high power density that it provides, along with high efficiency; all without compromising on its compact size.

Designed for 12 – 48 voltage supplies there are two versions of the PDC-6 available to best suit your application.

  • High-pole stepper motor – with a maximum nominal torque of 8.8Nm, in a choice of lengths
  • Lo-pole BLDC motor – with a nominal output of 534W, available with 80mm or 86mm flange.

The flexibility of the servo motor is further increased by its minimal cabling as the motor controller and encoder (with its highly accurate 4096 increments) are integrated within the motor.

As with all Plug & Drive™ motors the PDC-6 uses field-oriented control via an encoder and can be operated in torque, speed or positioning mode. The reference values for the PDC-6 can also be set by clock direction, two analog inputs or the CANopen field bus.

You can also choose the controller programming that best suits you. The motor is able to carry out complex control tasks without a field bus connection in stand-alone mode. Alternatively, time-critical applications can be quickly and easily programmed directly onto the motor using NanoJ V2 programming language. Of course, for parameterisation you can always include an optional USB port.

The options available within this extremely high performing and precise servo motor and integrated controller make the PDC-6 a tailor-made solution.

To discover if this new Nanotec® high-performing DC servo motor is the right choice for your application, simply ask our expert staff at All Drives and Controls by visiting our contact page2 or calling 01827 52189.

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Spring Time special: A Stepper motor with superior EMC performance

AllDrives & Control Press release

Staffordshire, May 14, 2015 – Alldrives & Controls, who represent Nanotec Germany in the UK and Ireland, has a spring in it step with the new SC3518 series from Nanotec.



EMC problems, like the dark days of winter, are now in the past, as Nanotec launches stepper motors which not only feature a very high torque, but also have excellent EMC properties.

The SC3518 series are 2-phase hybrid stepper motors with frame size NEMA 14 (35 mm) and a 1.8° step angle, and depending on the motor length, the holding torque is between 0.18 and 0.32 Nm.

Like all motors of the SC series (NEMA 8, 17 and 24 sizes) from Nanotec, the new SC3518 stepper motor is connected via an integral connector enabling easy cable loom integration, saving costs, in customer applications.

Together; with the shielded cable, which is standard equipment, the two outer pins of the connector are attached to the motor housing, creating a shield to housing connection with excellent EMC performance. Radiated EMC Interference from the motor lines, which can cause problems in existing sensors, is effectively suppressed.

The SC3518 motors are available with an integrated optical encoder NOE1 with up to 2000 increments/rotation for closed-loop control.

Or as a standard Stepper motor for open loop control, which can be converted to a sensor-less closed loop control using the innovative “C5” Drive controllers, also from Nanotec.

On account of their high torque yet small size, motors of the SC3518 series are ideal for use in laboratory automation or service robotics.

About Nanotec

Nanotec is a leading manufacturer of motors and controllers for high-quality drive solutions. The company has been developing and marketing a broad range of products since 1991. Nanotec technology is primarily used in automation systems, laboratory automation, medical devices, the packaging industry, and semiconductor production. Nanotec has its company headquarters in Feldkirchen near Munich with subsidiaries in ChangZhou, China, and Medford/MA, USA.

About Alldrives & Controls

Alldrives & Controls is a leading specialised technical full service distributor of motors and controllers for high-quality drive and automation solutions. The company has been sourcing and marketing a broad range of products since 2009. Alldrives & Controls technology is primarily used in automation systems, laboratory automation, medical devices, packaging industry, and semiconductor production. Alldrives & Controls has its company headquarters in Tamworth, Staffordshire UK .


Nanotec DB59 – NEMA (23)-compatible

Cannock January 27, 2015 – Nanotec Germany, represented in the UK and Ireland by Alldrives & Controls is happy to announce the Nanotec range of high performance Stepper Motors, Brushless motors and drives, is growing.

DB59_NME1_kombiModern applications require high speeds, high torque, small size and flexible fitting. To meet this challenge, Nanotec has developed the DB59 brushless DC motor which covers a performance range from 84 to 220 Watts, and is among the most powerful BLDC motors of this size.

The DB59 motors are available with a square, NEMA (23)-compatible or round flange, measuring 56 mm in diameter, increasing the mounting flexibility of the range, the round flange allows high-torque planetary gears from Nanotec’s GPLL-59 series to be fitted, further increasing the motor’s torque.

The DB59 is available in a variety of power ratings, with or without Hall sensors. As an option, a magnetic encoder with a resolution of 0.09° for more precise speed and position regulation can be fitted.

The DB59 series BLDC motors, efficient and extremely quiet, with a nominal voltage of 24 V and speed of 3,500 rpm, make the DB59 particularly suitable for use in service robotic systems, warehouse logistics and medical pumps.

Introducing Samba


 What is Samba™?

  • Samba is a price oriented product. Color-touch, all in one, low cost PLC.
  • The main traits of Samba:
  • Low cost – High Performance
  • 3.5’’ 16 bit color touchscreen
  • On Board I/Os (not expandable)
  • Programmed in Visilogic™
  • Communication: Ports: supplied with1 RS232; 2 ports may be added: 1 Serial (RS232/RS485)/Ethernet & 1 CANbus

When can I get them?

The Samba is in stock right now.



New Flat Front Jazz

Following the success of the V570-57-T20B-J, V350-J and V130-J flat-panel, we are introducing the flat-panel JAZZ-J models.

Same Features ▪ Same Price

Jazz_J-New2014 (1)Flat Front – JAZZ-J

When Can I Get One?
The units are available in stock.

What are the differences between the JAZZ-J Flat models and the JAZZ classic models?
The models are identical: Specification, Wiring, Software, Size and Price. The only difference is the front panel.

What are the available Models?

jazz flat front   classic

Flat Front Classic
JZ20-J-R10 JZ20-R10
JZ20-J-R16 JZ20-R16
JZ20-J-R31 JZ20-R31
JZ20-J-T10 JZ20-T10
JZ20-J-T18 JZ20-T18
JZ10-J-T40 JZ10-11-T40
JZ10-J-UN20 JZ10-11-UN20
JZ10-J-UA24 JZ10-11-UA24
JZ10-J-PT15 JZ10-11-PT15

Will the JAZZ-J models replace the JAZZ Classic models?
No, both front options will continue to be offered as standard products.

Replace that “smart relay” with a real PLC for the same low price. 
The Jazz series controllers are full-function Programmable Logic Controllers with onboard I/Os and a built-in Operator Panel. The Jazz series’ are specifically designed to control small machines, and to perform simple-to-medium automation tasks. Compact and economical, they enable you to use a low-budget unit without compromising on features and technology.

The HMI application enables you to design up to 60 text screens, using up to 64 HMI variables for the display of time, date, and real-time system data. The Jazz offers the flexibility of Ladder programming (24K Ladder code, virtual), on-board I/O configurations (some models with direct temperature inputs), communication options such as GSM/SMS, Remote Access, and MODBUS networking.  Programming is as easy as it gets build Ladder Logic control applications using click-and-drop elements…and create your HMI application in the same simple environment.